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Adding Language to Insight

Adding Language to Insight

Positive feedback and recommendation from a client is the best reward. Insight Production, Mumbai, one of our esteemed clients greeted us for the new year with a beautiful testimonial. 

Thank you Prasad for the kind words. Your recognition inspires us to continue our creative efforts and do better.

Let us take an opportunity to share with you what prompted Insight Production to appreciate TranslationPanacea.

Insights Production is a reputed film production house based at Mumbai. They specialize in production of corporate films, ad films, product films & training films. They are also expert in making CME films, Motivation films, Interactive Multimedia, Radio spots. Mr. Prasad Rajagopalan, a highly creative filmmaker leads the team.

We have been working with Insight Production for two years.  We have done scripts, translation, dubbing and voice over for their films.  Insights have created very innovative corporate training films and safety films for their clients in FMCG sector.  As the AVs were internal training tools at various levels in the company, the script had to be localized.  The script contained metaphors, local context, stories, technical information, idioms and much more.  The safety film on the other hand had very clear instructions, in simple language.

We used parallel metaphors, idioms, stories prevalent in the target language cultures which were a perfect fit for the visual content and the informal, catchy effect.  For Safety films, we chose direct, simple language and short sentences. Maintaining clarity and conciseness was crucial. We also considered the words which the workers / users were already familiar with.

Our voice artists in English and Indian languages delivered flawless VOs maintaining the tone and enhancing the effectiveness of the videos.

Insight Production trusted us completely for languages and we are happy that we could add value to their highly creative production.

We are happy and humble to quote Mr. Prasad Rajagopalan, Proprietor of Insights Production, “Hi, my name is Prasad Rajagopalan from ‘Stories for Training.’ We are a production house and soon will be launching our own OTT channel called ‘Stories for Training.’  We have been working with Vidula for the last two years for our language needs-translating scripts and also voice-overs. And the experience has been really good. And we will be continuing working with Vidula.”

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