Translation Panacea

Case Studies

High Level Presentation Translation into Chinese

A CEO of a large company would present his company in a small meeting of about 30 persons.

Legal translation – land documents

the Pune based associate advocate firm approached us with 300 Marathi documents and asked us to deliver ‘paper by paper

Legal translation – MOU into French (Madagaskar)

A legal firm wanted us to translate a Memorandum of Understanding between two companies from two different countries

Marketing collateral – Translation into Arabic

Marketing literature of a client working in women’s health issues. The language was very informal, there were country-specific references.

More languages for the same visuals reach to different markets

An advertising agency had prepared a beautiful promotion video for an agriculture input company. For better reach to various language speaking customer base,

Transcription and translation – Green Tribunal Hearing

A public hearing of Green Tribunal was conducted in Gujarat and there was hours of video recording of the whole procedure.

Translation of the App – Agri business

A company engaged in manufacture of fertilisers and other inputs had commissioned development of an application from a software development firm.

Video conference - Live interpretation in 3 languages

A video conference would take place where participants joined from Germany, India HO and India field office.

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