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Language Desk

solution for all your language needs! easy, reliable, cost-effective

A business needs to communicate. Communicate with customers, vendors, supply chain partners, government and public.  Communicate effectively.   Language plays a vital role in communication.

And when the business has operations and stakes in multiple geographies, one language is not enough!

Have a Language Desk in your company to take care of all your language support needs.

Why a Language Desk?

Whenever any person from any department needs anything to do with languages – may be proof reading a leaflet in Hindi, writing an invitation in English, writing an email to a Japanese client, translating a tender document, having a compere for a company celebration, having to interpret with a Chinese machine installer – team members start looking for someone who can do it.  The word may be done, however it may have issues of inconsistency, person dependency, cost, accuracy and others.

With a language desk, you get your own language assistant, who will not make you wait, who will be always at your disposal for any language need.

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