Translation Panacea


Attention App Developers and App Owners!
Localise your app for Indian languages – in a click!

You always wanted to have your app in multiple Indian languages. You
know that to reach your customer base wide and deep, your app needs to be
available in Indian languages.
Now you can have 100 commonly used fields in apps, in 11 Indian
languages at one click!
TranslationPanacea has curated 100 fields for localisation in 10
Indian languages. Just write to us and get the 100 commonly used fields in
languages of your choice!

  • Hindi

  • Marathi

  • Tamil

  • Bangla

  • Punjabi

  • Gujarati

  • Kannada

  • Telugu

  • Malayalam

  • Oriya


  • 100 app fields in 10 Indian languages for just Rs.1499/-

  • 100 app fields in any 3 Indian languages for just Rs.599/-

  • 100 app fields in any 1 Indian language for just Rs.249/-

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