Translation Panacea

Case Studies

High level presentation – translation into Chinese

Challenge–  A CEO of a large company would present his company in a small meeting of about 30 persons.  Among them were high level government officers and industrialists.  It was a techno-commercial presentation of 100 slides. The original presentation was finalized and handed over to us just the team left for China.  Time was less, as usual.

Solution –  The project was coordinated by an experienced project manager. The editor distributed the slides to his team thoughtfully. The consistency and technical terms issues were addressed. It was actually an assembly line where translation used to flow to the editor, checked and approved, going to designer for images and text alignment in the slides and going to the project manager for compilation and final delivery as per norms.

Value to the client – Reliability when the stakes are high. Trust regarding quality, team and ability to handle volume under time constraint.

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