Translation Panacea

Localisation – Transcreation

The communication, when addressed to a culturally different audience, has to adapt to perceptions, sensibilities and conventions of the target audience.

Words have different connotations and interpretations in different regions. Even within English on Within languages originated from Sanskrit, same words have different meanings in different languages.

The customs in different regions are different.  Ways of greeting people, the tone and length of emails, the type of humour, the degree of formality in written communication differ from culture to culture, and so, from language to language.

While translating content between two culturally different languages, one needs to be very aware of it and must take care not to translate the content literally; but to express in the way in the target language that is most suited to the sensibilities of the target language.

The study shows that about 25% of the internet users speak English, so there is a huge chance is that your website and social media content is exposed to readers of some language other than English. Depending on your target market, the content should be customized so that the audience can relate to the content.

Right from salutation to sentence construction, languages behave differently. The perception of politeness, rudeness, informal talk, small talk can be very different in cultures. Be it a webpage, a social media post or a hoarding or a marketing brochure, it needs to speak in the language well appreciated by the target reader.

At TranslationPanacea, the linguists have the expertise in language and culture. The re-creation has the local flavor, without compromising the tone and content of the communication.

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