Translation Panacea


Newsletters is an excellent way of communicating with your customers, prospects, team members, well wishers, doners, beneficieries, members, vendors or any associates.

It is an indirect marketing tool. By definition it broadcasts the news and information to the audience. Of course the objective is to update them with product / service knowledge so that they can buy more from you, or buy better from you, or promote you in their contact sphere.

It mainly tells about your product or service, recent success stories, anything new that happened in the organization worth telling, recognizes the best performers within the target group, focuses on a service / product / customer benefit.

Almost every business is aware of the power of newsletters. However, there are constraints. Who will prepare it? How can we follow the regularity? Who would design it? Who would send it regularly? Do we get any feedback?

TranslationPanacea is the answer

Meet or talk to our representative once. We will prepare a plan for you. Then all you have to do it is keep sending only the raw inputs to us. We will deverlop articles, create a beautiful and useful newsletter for you and even mail it to your list – month on month, or week after week – as you wish it.

Sounds simple? Let us tell you, it’s economical too! Sounds great?

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