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Business is all about marketing and advertising. We see ads, subtitles, documentaries, brochures of even the tiniest product in the market. Up till now English was ruling the world of languages and marketing as well. But thanks to internet penetration, now wind has changed its direction.

When we unpack any new product brought from the market, we see the manual printed in many languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic. As the proverb says, ‘every two miles the water changes, every four miles the speech.’ India is a multilingual country. Hindi, though used widely, is not the only language of this country. The users are more comfortable with reading and comprehension in their mother languages.

Take a case of agriculture product. Pesticide X is meant for Parmeet in Punjab, Udham in UP, Thiru in Tamilnadu, Gunjan in Gujarat and Madhav in Maharashtra.  The instructions for use and storage are very important for effectiveness, as well as safety. In order to understand them perfectly, it has to be in their language of comfort, that is their own language. Only then the customer would ‘prefer’ the product. TranslationPanacea helped them with webpages to safety instructions to success stories to brochures in 12 Indian languages. The company experiences a huge surge in the use as compared to single-language presence. 

Another case is of a mobile app for retail traders. The users are common people, residing in any remote part of a district.  They have internet, they can use smartphones and they want to avail this great opportunity.  Why not-knowing-English should be a barrier here? The app chooses to be present in many languages. Complete UI, blogs, instructions on use, FAQ – everything comes in 8 Indian languages. TranslationPanacea helped them with excellent localization. The fun part is the shop-owner has the same app in Gujarati and his accountant has it in Hindi, and his CA accesses it in English.  Complete synergy! 

It’s a very interesting two-way push. As customers are opting to use their own language, providers have to go multi-lingual.  As the multi-lingual presence is increasing in the market, the users are more encouraged to insist on ‘own language’.


To know how your organization can avail the upside of multi-lingual presence, please get in touch with us.  We will be happy to share our expertise.


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