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Begin your new year’s reading list with Marathi edition of Amish Tripathi’s ‘Raavan-Enemy of Aryavarta’; Book 3 of Ram Chandra series, brought by Eka, an imprint of Westland Amazon. We are happy to share that TranslationPanacea has coordinated the Marathi edition.  A different and unexplored side of Raavana’s character depicted in this book will indulge you.

This third part describes Raavana’s unknown side. It illustrates incidents right from Raavana’s childhood to Sita’s abduction.

The intensity of the Amish’s effective writing style has been flawlessly mirrored in this translation. Vedvati’s story which is unknown to most of us, gives an unexpected turn to the events. The book contains lots of known-unknown historical characters and places. We went to the root of each and every one of them to authenticate the pronunciations and spellings. Amish has a very peculiar style of writing.  He chooses to use contemporary words and phrases to describe ancient things.  We made careful choices by trying to read Amish’s mind (!).  Amish builds up Raavan’s character very beautifully, with varying speeds of narratives, using very different styles to draw a loving brother, a brave warrior, a cruel enemy, a determined child and an emotional lover in one person, Raavan;  that too, without glorifying or undermining him.

We tried our best to give justice to Amish’s fantastic book with careful choice of words, phrases and keeping the pace of original narrative intact. The task was challenging indeed, but the creative satisfaction was a bound. Translating this book was really a roller-coaster experience.

Readers will experience the same excitement while reading the Marathi edition. You can experience Amish’s original charismatic writing style while reading this translation. So grab your copy of Marathi Raavan and explore the unexplored side of the most famous villain.

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