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Testimonial from Light Bulb Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Testimonial from Light Bulb Communication Pvt. Ltd.

In these testing times, when most of us are working from home trying our best to keep up the pace; comes a word of appreciation from our esteemed client Light Bulb Communication. These words of appreciation are like bright sunshine on a cloudy day. When an esteemed client like Light Bulb Communication gives you a ‘Testimonial for your Quality, Professionalism, Creativity’ it definitely gives a boost.

Light Bulb Communication Pvt. Ltd.  is a media agency.  We have been working with them for more than 2 years now. TranslationPanacea has provided content, translation, copy writing and voice over services to them. We have delivered advertisement scripts for banks, V/O scripts and VO for agricultural products in various languages. 


Writing an advertisement of 15 or 30 seconds and fulfilling client’s requirement is a challenging task!  And sure we enjoy that again and again! As they say, with customer’s trust, comes responsibility.   And when a quality concious person like Mr. Ankit Goyal of Light Bulb Communication says, ‘ _Team TranslationPanacea not only succeeds; but raises the bar every time with the quality, creativity & professionalism_ ‘, it’s such an encouragement!   


We are proud to present a ‘True Certificate’ endowed to our work. Thank You Light Bulb Communication Pvt. Ltd. for such a wonderful testimonial.

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