Translation Panacea

Case Studies

Translation of the App – Agri business

Challenge–  A company engaged in manufacture of fertilisers and other inputs had commissioned development of an application from a software development firm. User of the app would be farmers and field executives of the company.  For nationwide reach to the users, the company wanted the same app in various Indian languages. The constraints were screen space, high localization and consistency.  An example of localization constraint is different months of summer and monsoon in various parts of India.  So a specific procedure prescribed in June in TamilNadu would not be relevant for Punjab.  The soil composition also differs drastically.

Solution – Our localization team worked with our agri-expert associates and of course with the experts from the client company.  The local terms were used. Indian scripts take more screen space because of the vowel signs attached to the letter above, below, before and after it. We were always aware of this peculiarity. 

Value to the client – We were rather a ‘language partner’ to the app developer and the client company.  Understanding the content and context was important.  Also keeping all the language translations consistent was appreciated by the client.

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