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Dubbing / Voice Over 

Changing the spoken language of your video increases the reach to the target audience. We give the voice in lip sync dubbing, background voice over or open-close voice over in various languages.

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Issues in dubbing / VO

Technically perfect dubbing / VO


Multiple language VO coordination

Translation and Voice coordination

What does TranslationPaancea do?

1. Tie up with studios in various regions 
2.Continuous onboarding of voices in various languages 
3.Gives voices matchng to celebrity voices 
4.Works with advertising / publicity agency for the end client 

Advantage TranslationPanacea 

1.Choices of voices to suit the character – All voices are good. But we need to have that one voice that suits the character the best. From our bank of voices, we suggest good voices to the client and the client selects that one voice.

2.Local accent voice – The voice artist is a native speaker, so the dialect, the tonality, accents and nuances of speaking that language come out beautifully. We even encourage individual artists to set up small home studios to maintain.

3.Multiple language dubbing at single point – This is a delight for media agencies and end client. We have delivered the same video dubbed in several languages. It saves huge in time and money for the client.

4.Translation and voice at the same point – The last minute changes for lip sync dubbing, or those small changes when actually doing the VO can be easily managed by us as we usually take care of both translation of content and voice. Saves time and assures quality!

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