Opens new geographies for you !

One language is not enough for your website when your customers speak many..

Throughout the world, people browse, search, find and order in their own languages. Your website in customers’ languages attract more customers.

Trusted by 1000+ clients around the globe

Process TranslationPanacea:

1. You share the url to be translated, and specify the languages.
2. We extract and translate the content, format it in the design
3. Share a link to be pasted at appropriate place by your website developer
4. That’s it! Your website is live in desired languages!

Advantage TranslationPanacea:

1. Ease of operation – With TranslationPanace, you don’t have to extract the text, send to us, upload the translation, check if it looks right, and then go live. You have to just share your url, and paste the link that we send. Your website is live. No extra work to your tech team.
2. Any number of languages – Be it one language or sixteen, the process is this easy. We translate in many languages simultaneously, so no more waiting.
Not only that, if you want to add more languages later, it happens in just one mail click!
3. Handle dynamic content – Do you update your webpages regularly? Bravo!, we are there to support it in multiple languages.
4. Keywords, meta tile translation – Meta tile of each page is translated in the desired language. Keywords in the target language are given as an add-on.

Concerns that TranslationPanacea addresses:

1. Website translation is time consuming and expensive.
2. Technical team has to invest time and effort for webpages localisation
3. Dynamic content is not taken care of

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