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Objective review of translation

You have got the translation done by someone, but don’t know if it is good or bad. Sounds familiar? Get the objective review done and obtain a written report.

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Translation Review

The clients get the translation done by individual translators or from agencies, but they are not sure if the translation is accurate and if it conveys the true and correct meaning of the original text.

Often, language resources are not available in house. So the client tend to send the translation to the local dealer or local associate, or even to a client / supplier for ‘checking’. Language reviewers may or may not be available at such places, so the feedback can be anything between ‘looks ok’ to ‘I would have done it differently’, which does not add to the confidence.

What the client wants is a passive report on the quality of translation and a clear recommendation whether to accept it or otherwise.

TranslationPanacea, with its trained and experienced editors review the translation against objective norms, gives you report backed by the instances and gives its objective recommendation.

Process of TranslationPanacea:

  1. Objective parameters – With the client, we agree on the parameters against which the translation is to be checked. Some parameters like comprehension are uncompromisable.
  2. Review against purpose of translation – We start with understanding the purpose of translation, so that it can be assessed if it is achieved or not.
  3. Objective report – We give a report against the pre-agreed objective parameters about fatal errors, minor errors and good translation
  4. Concrete recommendation – With pre-defined parameters and tolerance levels, it is easy to arrive at a recommendation.

Advantage TranslationPanacea

  1. Objectivity is maintained
  2. Training of your translator
  3. Assurance of quality

Concerns that TranslationPanacea addresses:

  1. Need Objective feedback – We give you the objective review. Not a generic comment of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Thus you understand why the translation is acceptable or otherwise.
  2. Need to know why to accept or otherwise – You need the translation to be used as quickly as possible. When you know the reason to accept, you know why you should continue with the translator. When you know the shortcomings you know where to improve or whether to change the resource.
  3. No internal resources for review – We get the review from trained and experienced third party reviewers.
  4. Need to have an expert report – The expert report classifies the errors in the translation and also points out the virtues in the translation.

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