You express, we interpret!

Interpretation brings down language barriers in conversation.

Interpretation is verbal translation of live communication. It can be consecutive or simultaneous. It can be online or on-site. We have an excellent team of interpreters in various language combinations.

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Consecutive interpretation is best suited for small meetings, where the conversation is critical and cannot be scripted or planned. For example, a negotiation meeting cannot be predicted. Or an interview cannot be scripted beforehand. Though it prolongs the meetings to a considerable extent, it ensures the most accurate interpretation of the conversation.
Simultaneous interpretation is usually done for lectures, conventions, presentations where most of the speech can be scripted or predicted. Here the interpreter hears the speaker and speaks the translation at the same time. It’s a highly skilled job and requires excellent command over both the languages and grammar, presence of mind, and absolute concentration. Of course it requires a great amount of homework on the specific subject of the conversation and probable points.
On-site interpretation is required when the expert and the consumer speak two different languages and they both need to be at one place. Machinery installation, medical examination and treatment, sometimes police procedures, agriculture query solving, field interviews in research, plant visits by customers, government authorities or an award committee are some examples where the speakers and the interpreters have to be at one place.
In 2019 and 2020, the definition of the word ‘meeting’ changed where two or more people do not have to physically meet each other; but just ‘join’ the online meeting place. The online meetings range from annual general meetings of companies to commercial discussion meetings, to global meetings and conventions, to online training and coaching. Thanks to technology, seamless online interpretation is possible. On one hand it has brought down the geographical limitations for interpreters and on the other hand the cost of interpretation is reduced due to savings on travel and other logistics expenses.

Interpretation is special

  • Instant delivery. No time to think – Both, in simultaneous and sequential interpretation, the interpreter has no time to think of ‘more appropriate words’, or to think about the meaning. Interpretation has to come instant, and has to be accurate.
  • No scope for correction – In interpretation, what the interpreter says is the final translation. There is no scope for review, revision or correction. The interpreter has to be very responsible and accurate in the first stroke.
  • Joint work of the speaker and interpreter – Successful interpretation is a joint performance of both the speaker and the interpreter. The speaker needs to speak at a speed considering the ongoing simultaneous interpretation. She needs to speak clearly, keeping the slang or informal language at minimum as it may distract from the core content. Similarly, consistency in the using the terminology, avoiding abbreviations also helps the interpreter a lot.

Advantage TranslationPanacea

  1. Homework –  The success of interpretation depends on homework. Our interpreters study the background material of the event, the event itself, the profile of listeners, the terminology and such other material.  While interpreting there is no time even to refer to your notes or glossary. With all this preparation, TranslationPanacea tries to give the best possible interpretation to the audience.
  2. Domain background – There are context and terms in the speeches. The interpreter must be capable of distinguishing the subject specific terms and subject lingo and interpret instantly.
  3. Experienced interpreters – Our interpreters are experienced linguists having worked online, on-site in various domains.

Some special interpretation assignments 

  • At an election campaign of a global non-profit organisation for its steering committee, we interpreted in 4 Indian languages. The speakers were from around the globe and spoke in English with various accents.  
  • Sign language interpretation for a world leader NGO working for free knowledge
  • At a global online convention of an association of industries attended by 8000 delegates around the world on ‘Energy’, we interpreted in European and Asian languages as per their time zones. The convention went on round the clock and our interpreters worked in respective time zones, coordinated from our office.
  • In a live media event, where the contestants were asked questions in English and they answered in their language, we interpreted both ways. The whole event was full of humour, impromptu dialogues, quick witted responses. Our young interpreters carried the tempo very well in 3 Indian languages.