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Live interpretation is when the interpreter orally translates when the conversation is going on.

Language is basically for communication face-to-face. People come together for meetings, conferences, exhibitions. Also citizens of different nationalities have to visit doctors, police, courts, education institutes. Even job interviews could be cross-border and cross-culture. The prospective customers need to be contacted over telephone. In a research project, the respondents could be answering the survey in a different language than of the researcher.

In all these instances, where the languages of two or more parties communicating is different, an interpreter comes into picture. S/he conveys the meaning of the conversation or oral message to the receiving party.

There can be a time gap for the translator to interpret, or it can be simultaneous, almost hand-in-hand with the lecture. Interpretation is a work of great responsibility. In an interview, the interpreter can have a few seconds where the question can be explained.  While interpreting the answer though, it is a skill to interpret the response, without creating a disturbance or obstacle for the interviewee. In a formal lecture or address, usually the script is given to the interpreter who can (relatively) comfortably interpret it in the target language. However an ear has to be given to the speech for any impromptu additions by the speaker.   A meeting, or an interrogation, or a panel discussion are challenging as the content is highly technical, unpredictable and there is hardly any time window.  Also there has to be minimal loss of content.  Only very alert and experienced interpreters can do simultaneous interpretations.

The live interpreter is a great help in such situations. The consecutive or simultaneous interpretation has hardly any scope for corrections or review. The interpreter has to prepare for the possible nuances of content, terminology, abbreviations, references; so that no time is wasted in searching, nor the interpretation is short.

At TranslationPanacea, this service is currently limited to a few languages in a small number of cities in India. We have done successful interpretations for visits of foreign technical experts, meetings with foreign collaborators, address by a Swedish MD to workers in Maharashtra, for a quality audit and other occasions.  We are building our capacity in other languages in other cities.

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