Subtitles help you take your audio visual content to speakers of different languages.


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Advantage Subtitling 

  1. It does not disturb the experience of watching a film. Subtitles take just 2% of the screen space.
  2. It’s easy to add subtitle file to a film.
  3. It takes far less time to create excellent subtitles, compared to dubbing.
  4. Subtitles are done by a smaller team, without requiring a studio infrastructure.
  5. When the content is consumed at crowded places, with distractions, monolingual subtitles help better comprehension of known language audio.
  6. For non-profit or charitable creators, reaching out to all possible viewers is important. Subtitling fulfils this need in least possible time and cost with best possible accessibility.
  7. Shows and product videos on youtube multiply viewership when subtitles are added. This means more leads and more business in least possible time and cost. 
  8. Closed captioning is a great inclusion tool for differently abled consumers.

Advantage TranslationPanacea Subtitling

  1. Captures the essence of a dialogue. Not literal translation.
  2. Local expressions.
  3. Adaptation of languages as per the characters on the screen.
  4. Understands the differences between the two languages: original audio language and subtitle language; and adapts the translation accordingly.
  5. Minimal distraction in the film watching experience. Takes lesser space, easy to read and understand.
  6. Experience of several hours of subtitling for feature films, youtube shows, eLearning videos, political and religious lectures.
  7. We follow the international best practices for subtitles.

Risks in Subtitling

  • Care should be taken that humans do the language part in subtitling. Left too much to machines, the original beautiful and engaging dialogues in the film end up the source of good laughter in subtitles.
  • Subtitles should be properly visible. They should not merge with the background, or wrongly placed.
  • At the same time, subtitles should not create a disturbance in watching the audio visual content. Too big a font, too bright colour, placement in the center of the screen can be irritable to the viewers. It is even likely that they don’t complete watching the film.
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Subtitles works best for

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Feature films

Product videos