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A Translator’s Lockdown Routine

A Translator’s Lockdown Routine

What does your productivity graph says these days, with the lockdown going on.We know that many people have different opinions about this. But here is our graph. One of our freelance translators Ms. Ashlesha Gore is sharing her experience of work during lockdown.

I have been working for past five years as a freelance translator and taking up literary translations of English to Marathi. I also run a family cloth shop. So normally I work on translations in the morning. Generally, that is the only quiet time I get. At least, this was the situation before we all were locked down in homes because of corona.

During lockdown, my regular work stopped as we could not open the shop. I was working on an interesting novel and worried that I will not be able to finish it in time. But lockdown started and I got a whole day to work on the novel. I used to finish housework in the morning and sit straight to work on the novel till evening with one-hour lunch break and half an hour tea break. I started liking this pace of life. I realized that I could concentrate more on the novel. I could read, re-read, rework on the translation with more focus. Even after finishing my day’s work, I could still find time to read other books or work in the garden. I would say that this period was highly productive. Overall, it definitely proved much more satisfying than juggling between translation, regular work, housework and many other distractions like social gatherings etc.

So, this was Ashlesha’s lockdown routine. She is definitely utilising her time at the fullest. And for most of us it is the same. A pinch of Time-Management is all it takes to raise the graph of productivity. Think Positive; Be Productive.

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