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Flat Language

Flat Language

Why does an article
(or a webpage , or a blog, or a short story, or a research paper, or a speech)
Sound FLAT?

Has it happened to you? You start reading an article. You have interest in the subject. The article is informative. Everything is OK, but it does not CAPTURE your mind. The reading is very FLAT. Similar is with a talk. The speaker is a scholar, you follow the topic, ambience is good, but the speech is not ENGAGING!

As the message of a communications is important, so is the way of its communication. A lot depends on the language. Too simple, too common words make the piece really FLAT. Use of adverbs, adjectives make the piece concise; while rhyme, simile, metaphor add colour to the message. All the sentences don’t have to be statements. Some can be explanations or questions.  It not only breaks the monotony, but also involves the reader.

A very scholarly piece of writing does not have to be boring.  You can remember books, blogs, articles, youtube videos on highly technical and scholarly subjects for the liveliness, a touch of humour,  play of words and such language art.

Reading is not a passive activity. A reader’s mind is involved in it. As a reader is reading, her mind is busy visualizing, thinking, imagining alongside. Reading is a journey where author and reader are co-travellers. When the message involves the reader, provokes thinking, imagining, visualizing, the journey becomes interesting and memorable.

Interactive, stylish language giving a message with the author’s passion is sure to have the desired impact of the message.

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