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Madhura Khatavkar-Introduction

Madhura Khatavkar-Introduction

  1. How did you start Designing?

I have done Diploma in Office Automation and Graphics while I was pursuing B.Com. After completing my masters in Mass Communication I started working for an Event Management company. There I got to learn many things in Corel Draw, Photoshop Etc. Then I started designing advertisements, banners, initiation cards, magazines etc.

  1. What kind of work do you do at TranslationPanacea?

I look after typesetting of books, designing of advertisements, newsletters, book covers, posters for websites and social media, website icons etc. I also handle the subtitling projects.

  1. Necessity  of quality norms in typesetting and designing.

While typesetting the books the main thing is consistency. There are some processes and checks that we have to follow to maintain the consistency while typesetting a book. To get a perfect designed book you have to look after a few  things like Paragraph Alignment, Margins, Fonts, Paragraph spacing or Indent, Image placements etc.

Typesetting of books is also depends upon type of book and target readers. Means, if we are typesetting a novel, it is a continuous content or text but if it is heavy academic book we should have to take care that readers should get relief while reading the book. For that we can use images, tables, flow-charts, graphs etc. in between the paragraphs. While designing the Logo or any poster we have to think about color combinations and themes of the poster.

  1. Your experience with TranslationPanacea.

I am working with TranslationPanacea since one year. Before joining TranslationPanacea I used to work on Page Maker for magazine or book designing. Here I started using Adobe Indesign for typesetting of the books. At TranslationPanacea I learnt typesetting for different regional languages which are unfamiliar to me and it was very challenging job to typeset the books and posters in languages like Kannada, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali, Gujrathi and many more. TranslationPanacea also gave me an opportunity to attend the workshop on video editing, which is definitely very helpful for me.  I also learnt many things in TranslationPanacea like Time management, tackle with work pressure and time limit, work process which helped me to improve my skills. I would like to thank Team of TranslationPanacea for the support and help they provided for improvising my knowledge and skill.

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