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Mr. Mohamed Amin – Introduction

1.   How do you start translation?
My main specialism is Arabic linguistics, and the translation was among My BA degree subjects. I showed high degree of success, and my professors urge me to continue in that field. Now, I am a PhD candidate in Translation with 14 years of experience in translation. 

 2.  What kind of work do you do with TranslationPanacea?
I worked with TranslationPanacea as an English into Arabic translator, an Arabic proofreader and reviewer. 

3.  What are the quality norms for editing or translation?
The main point in translation success is to achieve the client aim: Why s-he needs to translate his/her text. Without that aim, the translation process will be lost. In editing, the text should be as if it was written in the target language, unless there is no need to keep the source language style. One important point in quality is to keep client satisfied, by following his/her guidelines, explain uncertain points, and always asking for more information to achieve the desired success.

 4.  Necessity of quality norms.
Translation, like any other business, should be planned carefully, and the plan should be followed and reviewed to achieve its goals. 

5.   My experience with TranslationPanacea.
TranslationPanacea is one of few agencies following clear and effective procedures, Always they are open minded, flexible and helpful to provide all required conditions to produce perfect product. I am proud to be one of TranslationPanacea freelancers team!




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