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Online Interpretation : Responding to the ‘New Normal’

Online Interpretation : Responding to the ‘New Normal’

‘March’ing into year 2020 was really extra-ordinary. It ‘may’ go back to earlier ways of doing business, hopefully soon. Till then, all the communicationpatterns are so changed!

Experts say that it will take a while till people start travelling and visiting clients, vendors, associates as before. However, business will not stop. On the contrary, business owners will be trying to achieve 12 months’ business in 9 months, putting them in top gear.

At the same time, we have realised that many a things can be achieved without leaving your place. Thanks to the powerful audio visual tools, one can have the near-real feel of meeting in person or visiting an actual site.

So, people will keep meeting people. Clients will visit vendors. Vendors will pitch to prospects.  Companies will take interviews and select candidates. Customers will inspect the factory premises. Trainers will train.  Why interpretation would take a back seat?

TranslationPanacea has started ‘Online Interpretation’!

Welcome your international guests with confidence. Let them speak any language. Meet them virtually. 

Meet any person around the globe, virtually.

Just add our interpreter to your online meeting. He/she will interpret just the way she would in a physical meeting! and look at the benefits!

TranslationPanacea Online Interpretation

  • Takes away the location barrier. Out interpreters are available at practically any city.
  • Is ideal for client calls, technical meetings, developing new client, training sessions, team address and many more.
  • Offers ease of operation. Just add one person as interpreter to your meetings.
  • Saves money. As the interpreter does not have to travel, you save on her travel cost and time.
  • Is convenient.
  • Can be combined with translation of email and other communication ensuring continuity.

How does it operate?

Book the Online Interpretation service with TranslationPanacea.

A competent interpreter will be assigned to you.

Brief her / him as you would for in-person interpretation.

Share meeting or call details with the interpreter.

Interpreter joins the call / meeting for the booked time.

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