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the Pune based associate advocate firm approached us with 300 Marathi documents and asked us to deliver ‘paper by paper



A high stake case due for hearing at Delhi high court on Monday.  On Friday, the Pune based associate advocate firm approached us with 300 Marathi documents and asked us to deliver ‘paper by paper’ English translation on Sunday morning as the main advocate and the court wanted all the documentation in English.  All the documents were photocopies of original documents, some of them were very old.  There were 7/12 extracts, wills; sale, purchase and partition agreements, copies of other government land records.  There were names of crops, types of soils, family trees; even the names of crops and villages were changed in the course of time; the scripts were mixed- Devnagari and Modi.  The translation had to be absolutely accurate, meaningful and quick.  The terms had to be consistent.


We organized the team that consisted of translators with legal background, an editor to guide and control quality, a typesetter to take care of formatting and a project coordinator.  With proper briefing, guidelines, delivery norms we could complete the project within given timeline.  The cooperation and coordination within the team was a ‘given’.  The way we delivered the sets of documents actually exceeded client expectation.  We were happy that the client was satisfied.

Value To The Client

For the client time, accuracy and neat delivery were important issues.  The translated documents would be discussed in the court and any leakage of meaning would turn the case around.  We take all our projects very seriously and delivered  accurate, consistent translation printed and organized in such a way (without making it bulky) that the legal team did not waste any time in finding and organizing the original as well as the translation.


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