Legal translation – MOU into French (Madagaskar)
A legal firm wanted us to translate a Memorandum of Understanding between two companies from two different countries


Challenge–  A legal firm wanted us to translate a Memorandum of Understanding between two companies from two different countries, related to mining.  Stakes were high, content was very technical and confidentiality was the crux.  The government departments were involved in the deal.  Understanding of contracts, mining and the whole deal was important.  Word count of this document was just about 20000.  Translator’s credentials were verified, The work had to be completed in our office only, with the password of the document was shared with only one responsible officer of the company.

Solution –  The work was carried out in houses, on the computer without internet connection or any external device. All our translators are bound by the NDA, and are trusted for integrity.  To ensure quality and accuracy, we asked clarifications where required. The translation was completed within time limit,  Client was satisfied with the quality.

Value to the client – Selection of the translator is very important in such cases.  In translation, knowing two languages is never sufficient, actually it is the starting point.  Understanding the content and the context, building trust and delivery are the virtues the client looks for.


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