More languages for the same visuals reach to different markets
An advertising agency had prepared a beautiful promotion video for an agriculture input company. For better reach to various language speaking customer base


Challenge–  An advertising agency had prepared a beautiful promotion video for an agriculture input company.  For better reach to various language speaking customer base, the AV had to be in many Indian languages, not just in Hindi and English.  The agriculture specific words in each languages had to be used. Also, even for one language, different terms are used for the same thing. The language had to be very easy to understand.

Dubbing was another challenge as it had to be the right mix of the native flavour plus professional delivery. 

As we were working for the agency, the client satisfaction was equally crucial.

Solution – We transcribed the original Marathi audio script, and then translated it in 8 Indian languages, using correct local words and terms.  Our network of subject experts was added a lot of value here.  We have voice artists who are native speakers of the language.  We even added the extra mile by changing a sentence here and there, where the client made changes in the original script.

Value to the client – The whole language transformation was smooth, without client or advertising agency intervention. We understood the agency compulsions and client viewpoint. It was not only translation, but localization.


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