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Commercial translation is a blend of technology, skill and intuitive art.


The communication, when addressed to a culturally different audience.

Language Desk

A business needs to communicate. Communicate with customers,


"TranslationPanacea is a group of language lovers!"

Language is the vital sign of culture and is the basic expression of human being. Be it the electronic media, print or voice, language is the basic necessity for communication. Started with the complete outsourced translation service, TranslationPanacea is now geared up to provide various services that free the publishers to concentrate on their core business. To name a few, our services include book review, rights management, epublishing, metadata maintenance.

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Case Studies
"TranslationPanacea is a group of language lovers!"
A CEO of a large company would present his company in a small meeting of about 30 persons. Among them were high level government officers and industrialists.

A video conference would take place where participants joined from Germany, India HO and India field office. The conversation, more in QA form would happen in German, English and Marathi.

Marketing literature of a client working in women’s health issues. The language was very informal, there were country-specific references.


I wish to put on records that I felt blessed to have TranslationPanacea with us. I sent a page content written in English, and believe it or not, but in less than 3 hours they replied back with an Arabic version. Moreover it was absolutely flawless, as approved by my ...

Prashant Phatak Valency Networks

Team TranslationPanacea gave us translation which was apt, suitable and appropriate for our requirement and not only that the team also complied the requirement of Madagascar French as the same was needed. The team did this and has shown highest level of professional approach towards Service, I really appreciate team’s ...

Adv. Anand Bagawade Corpo’lit Legal Consulting LLP

You and your team not only give a meaning to the translate word, but you also strive to sound it appropriately beautiful! The translate work of our product Tequasil Selfie speaks volumes of your expertise in languages, magical use of words and your ease of understanding of product. Your complete ...

Tushar B. Munshi Shubh Constrocare Products and Services

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